Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bob Sherman All Nerds are not created Equal

Bob Sherman is the Smartest looking dumb guy I know. Message to Bob Sherman's people you are making your Congressman and thus the people of Congressional district CA-27 look like idiots.

Obviously some one is updating Congressman Sherman's Website. The Real question is who belives its actually any good. The other question is why is this person still living in the year 1999.

This website looks like it should have a dancing baby on it. What is scary is it actually looked better in 2005. See

Bob Sherman you are a Congressman from one of the Richest Districts in the Country and I have seen better websites from guys running for alderman in Alabama. Seriously I have. Please fire your webmaster.

Congressman Sherman you cant tell me this site actually works for you? The only saving grace is that no one advertisied who made this site. They should be thankfull otherwise they would be out of business.

You are from Califorina you represent a state that prides itself on technology and you have one of the most backwards sites I have ever seen.
There is only one site I have seen which is worse and its some dude who is using wordpress ahhhhh:(

I dont know what is scarier the pic or the website. You want to Run For Congress dont make your campagin sologan I aint no Senetor's Son- not only will that look bad on signs everyone will know that the other guy is probably more qualified than you.

Do you think Adriel Hampton just woke up one day and said I am runing for congress I dont care how stupid I look in a tshirt. Well it is California.

I do have to give Mr.Hampton credit for making a ning account a lot of folks dont even do that and it looks a lot better than his website. CA10 could use some young blood but look professional.

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  1. If you're going to bash on fellow citizens in your blog, you should at least do it with proper punctuation. It's not rocket science, but NASA has a handy guide available at (see page 44)

    You might want to start with periods and then move to semicolons. If you really want to get edgy, you could even look into the em dash.